Go Lakers! Rajon Rondo rocks the NBA champion court!



You guys up for some hoops? We at Gravity Stars always are, and the Lakers are the classic go-to team for some of the best courtside action you could ever want. This year’s NBA championship was no exception, with Rajon Rondo skyrocketing to stardom and taking the W against the Celtics. The long time rivalry didn’t stand in the way of the Lakers, and L.A. beat out Boston in convincing style! Just check out some of these highlights:

To make it even more bittersweet, this 2020 victory comes after Rondo’s 2008 victory, when he was playing for the Boston Celtics side! Ironic! This means that both Lakers and Celtics fans are loving Rondo right now (maybe the Celtics a little less? 😉 ) and he’s cemented himself as a household name in NBA… there’s even talks among top players as to whether he should be inducted to the hall of fame or not, at the fresh age of 34!

Los Angeles must be feeling a surge of pride right now, and we can’t really blame them, GGWP. What’s the best way to express that pride? Today’s music recommendation is Throw It Up For L.A. from Down3r and LadyDice!

This track summarises everything about the L.A. lifestyle and the LDDL duo do that justice brilliantly. So brilliantly that the song got a movie placement in Before The Dawn!

Our partners over at Blue Pie tell us that What If by DL Down3r and LadyDice recently saw a resurgence in popularity, due to the social issues the world is currently facing. Perhaps Throw It Up For L.A. will see a similar boost? It doesn’t have a social message backing it up, but it oozes with L.A. pride! So only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure, we’re going to be blasting it loud and looking forward to the next basketball throwdown!

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